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scientology Is F**king Mental

Blog author Mr Blackett has written a very nice little blog entry on his scientology views. It’s an interesting read reflecting how dead on impossible it can be to get through to a scientologist. Why is it so difficult? Because … Continue reading

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Exposing the Truth about scientology (Anonymous Blog – My name is not Dylan!)

An unknown writer has started up a blog at where he plans to write a diary style article exposing scientology over the course of a few weeks for what it really is. I’m unsure exactly of his plans to … Continue reading

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Scientology Fears The Internet

I’ve taken this from Digg, I’m unsure of the original author and if they want it attributed to them just leave a comment and I’ll sort it for you no problems: The worst fear to Scientology is the rapid spread … Continue reading

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BBC Panorama Exposé

The BBC’s Panorama team, with investigative journalism by John Sweeney have released just last night their documentary on the scientology cult. The film clearly shows the BBC team being stalked by scientologists who turn up on multiple occasions to harass … Continue reading

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scientology|wordpress Has A New Editor

Welcome to the all new edition of the foremost wordpress blog (the best named anyway) on scientology. Thanks to the previous owner who has allowed a new lease of life here to combat scientology in the place it fears most … Continue reading

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