BBC Panorama Exposé

The BBC’s Panorama team, with investigative journalism by John Sweeney have released just last night their documentary on the scientology cult.

The film clearly shows the BBC team being stalked by scientologists who turn up on multiple occasions to harass the crew and reporter with a clear intent to scare them as much as possible. The scientologist are led on this occasion by a diminutive Tom Cruise clone named ‘Tommy Davis’, if that is his real name who no doubt is a member of the OSA (Office of Special Affairs).

It’s clear that Mr Davis is a master of provoking normally placid and rational people to anger, and the constant refusal to leave the BBC team alone causes John Sweeney to appear to lose his rag. In reality, I think he was just giving Tommy Davis a bit of the only language he understood and if you watch the tape you’ll see that he immediately controls himself – it’s a test to see if anything can get through to these lunatics. Nothing appears to.

There is a lengthy discussion on Digg with links galore to the video so I’m just going to link you all to there:

Enjoy and learn. If you have any news or articles you’d like covered and linked on here then drop me a comment and I’ll get it done for you.

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