Exposing the Truth about scientology (Anonymous Blog – My name is not Dylan!)

An unknown writer has started up a blog at http://scientology.squarespace.com where he plans to write a diary style article exposing scientology over the course of a few weeks for what it really is.

I’m unsure exactly of his plans to do so – and even if he’ll follow through but you all should know that it’s not something to mess with lightly.

‘Dylan’ says he has three questions he wants answers to:

  1. Why do they charge for their services and wouldn’t it be better for them to offer them for free?
  2. Why do apostates so often commit suicide after leaving the “church” of scientology and why are they harrassed so much?
  3. How can they explain their ideas that “scientology is compatible with other religions?” when they at the same time continue to argue that scientology is a religion? Surely you can only have one religion!

We at scientology|wordpress wish him the best of luck, and will be monitoring him closely (but not in a creepy way).

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3 Responses to Exposing the Truth about scientology (Anonymous Blog – My name is not Dylan!)

  1. StraitS says:

    I guess they’re out of commission..

  2. Fearless Paw says:


  3. vanillasky says:

    Scientology is the study of mental health. It teaches you how to separate the engrams. Engrams being negative thoughts, bad experiences and loss in life; Thinking with the analytical mind is our goal. If there ever was a devil, it’s the reactive mind. Without the reactive mind, there would be no wars, no arguements, no road range. Think about it. Look inside yourself and decide what type of world you would like to live in. A world of people who care about one another or one that just drives by an accident and stares instead of helping people.

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