scientology|wordpress Has A New Editor

Welcome to the all new edition of the foremost wordpress blog (the best named anyway) on scientology. Thanks to the previous owner who has allowed a new lease of life here to combat scientology in the place it fears most : The Internet.

Online they can’t control us, we’re able to write what we want without fear of being harrassed or provoked. However, they can still call us names so if you feel the need to lurk and not comment that’s great too.

Seriously though, scientology is not something to laugh about, or at. It’s no religion and you should be angered that in some countries they can claim they are legally. They have broken families apart, they have an entire department for ‘Special Affairs’ and practise a policy of harrassment and abuse against those who dare to criticise.

In most religions you’re taught to respect the faiths of others and be tolerant. scientologists don’t believe this and seek to upset real organised religion as much as possible. Why else would Tom Cruise be called their Messiah?

scientology, does not do any of these things allegedly. It does them, scientology|wordpress will NOT be controlled by petty legal threats, slanderous campaigns or harrassing email. We will never take down a piece that scientologists complain about and as long as I’m editor, scientology will never be spelt with a capital letter.

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One Response to scientology|wordpress Has A New Editor

  1. religo says:

    Vor news which doesn’t belongs to “meanstream” visit my blog.

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