scientology Is F**king Mental

Blog author Mr Blackett has written a very nice little blog entry on his scientology views. It’s an interesting read reflecting how dead on impossible it can be to get through to a scientologist.

Why is it so difficult? Because scientologists use their training sessions with a primitive version of a lie detector to enable the trainer to perfect provoking people and the trainee on the end of the equipment to become better at being deadpan, cold and emotionless no matter what the topic.

Anyway, have a read and here’s a quote to give you a gist:

“I believe the only reason psychiatry is denounced as evil is because it’s followers are brainwashed and the only way to break that is with psychiatric help. I do not accept that it is a legitimate religion because NO religion should be allowed to share it’s secrets for a fee. As much as I distrust Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the rest, none of them charge you for their version of enlightenment. “

from Mr Blackett

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