scientology Is F**king Mental

Blog author Mr Blackett has written a very nice little blog entry on his scientology views. It’s an interesting read reflecting how dead on impossible it can be to get through to a scientologist.

Why is it so difficult? Because scientologists use their training sessions with a primitive version of a lie detector to enable the trainer to perfect provoking people and the trainee on the end of the equipment to become better at being deadpan, cold and emotionless no matter what the topic.

Anyway, have a read and here’s a quote to give you a gist:

“I believe the only reason psychiatry is denounced as evil is because it’s followers are brainwashed and the only way to break that is with psychiatric help. I do not accept that it is a legitimate religion because NO religion should be allowed to share it’s secrets for a fee. As much as I distrust Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the rest, none of them charge you for their version of enlightenment. “

from Mr Blackett

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Exposing the Truth about scientology (Anonymous Blog – My name is not Dylan!)

An unknown writer has started up a blog at where he plans to write a diary style article exposing scientology over the course of a few weeks for what it really is.

I’m unsure exactly of his plans to do so – and even if he’ll follow through but you all should know that it’s not something to mess with lightly.

‘Dylan’ says he has three questions he wants answers to:

  1. Why do they charge for their services and wouldn’t it be better for them to offer them for free?
  2. Why do apostates so often commit suicide after leaving the “church” of scientology and why are they harrassed so much?
  3. How can they explain their ideas that “scientology is compatible with other religions?” when they at the same time continue to argue that scientology is a religion? Surely you can only have one religion!

We at scientology|wordpress wish him the best of luck, and will be monitoring him closely (but not in a creepy way).

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Scientology Fears The Internet

I’ve taken this from Digg, I’m unsure of the original author and if they want it attributed to them just leave a comment and I’ll sort it for you no problems:

The worst fear to Scientology is the rapid spread of information on the internet because they can’t control it! Copy this section and email it to your friends!

Scientology versus the Internet:

Lots of Videos:

Cult Awareness Network (CAN) owned by Scientologist:
60 Minutes Episode:
Showing Delayed:

Finally FREE from Scientology:

Report on Scientology:

Shocking information about Scientology, WOW:

Scientology Vs South Park:

Big Scientology SECRET they don’t want us to know:

Scientology and Clearwater Police Officers:

Scientology Security Guys:

What Scientology doesn’t want YOU to READ:

Largest online archive of the dirty secrets of Scientology, Dianetics, L Ron Hubbard:

Lives Have Been Ruined:

How Cults Work:

What is a Cult?

The worst fear to Scientology is the rapid spread of information on the internet because they can’t control it! Copy this section and email it to your friends!

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BBC Panorama Exposé

The BBC’s Panorama team, with investigative journalism by John Sweeney have released just last night their documentary on the scientology cult.

The film clearly shows the BBC team being stalked by scientologists who turn up on multiple occasions to harass the crew and reporter with a clear intent to scare them as much as possible. The scientologist are led on this occasion by a diminutive Tom Cruise clone named ‘Tommy Davis’, if that is his real name who no doubt is a member of the OSA (Office of Special Affairs).

It’s clear that Mr Davis is a master of provoking normally placid and rational people to anger, and the constant refusal to leave the BBC team alone causes John Sweeney to appear to lose his rag. In reality, I think he was just giving Tommy Davis a bit of the only language he understood and if you watch the tape you’ll see that he immediately controls himself – it’s a test to see if anything can get through to these lunatics. Nothing appears to.

There is a lengthy discussion on Digg with links galore to the video so I’m just going to link you all to there:

Enjoy and learn. If you have any news or articles you’d like covered and linked on here then drop me a comment and I’ll get it done for you.

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scientology|wordpress Has A New Editor

Welcome to the all new edition of the foremost wordpress blog (the best named anyway) on scientology. Thanks to the previous owner who has allowed a new lease of life here to combat scientology in the place it fears most : The Internet.

Online they can’t control us, we’re able to write what we want without fear of being harrassed or provoked. However, they can still call us names so if you feel the need to lurk and not comment that’s great too.

Seriously though, scientology is not something to laugh about, or at. It’s no religion and you should be angered that in some countries they can claim they are legally. They have broken families apart, they have an entire department for ‘Special Affairs’ and practise a policy of harrassment and abuse against those who dare to criticise.

In most religions you’re taught to respect the faiths of others and be tolerant. scientologists don’t believe this and seek to upset real organised religion as much as possible. Why else would Tom Cruise be called their Messiah?

scientology, does not do any of these things allegedly. It does them, scientology|wordpress will NOT be controlled by petty legal threats, slanderous campaigns or harrassing email. We will never take down a piece that scientologists complain about and as long as I’m editor, scientology will never be spelt with a capital letter.

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